Route Texel

During WWII, Texel was situated in a commonly used flight path to Germany. This is the reason why relatively many allied bombers were shot down over the island: approximately 50. Monuments have been placed at 9 of these crash sites, so we can pay tribute to the many crew members who perished.


This memorial route, created by the Luchtvaart- en Oorlogsmuseum (War and Aviation Museum), will take you past these monuments. You will pass two cemeteries: the cemetery for the fallen from the Commonwealth of Nations on the Kogerstraat in Den Burg and the cemetery for the Georgian victims of the Georgian uprising in April 1945.


The end of the route brings you back to the War and Aviation Museum where you will learn more about the Atlantic Wall, Texel during the war years and the Georgian uprising.


You can follow this route by car or bike.