Visit Den Oever

The Minister of War at the time was very concerned about the construction of the Afsluitdijk. A fast connection between Friesland and Holland also meant fast access for enemies. This is how the Afsluitdijk got its casemates. Den Oever got thirteen, on both sides of the dike. The German military men stationed in Den Oever during the war destroyed the basin locks just before leaving. The lock complexes were a desolate view after the war. The Stelling remained intact.

All parts of the Stelling that were built before and during the war can still be found on each side of the Afsluitdijk. Covered by overgrown privet, they were very difficult to see for quite a long time.


Works are being carried out on the Afsluidijk in the coming years so it can continue to protect the Netherlands from rising sea levels. These works include making the casemates visible again, which means access is limited until then. If you want to see them, please go to De Afsluitdijk to see if they are accessible.