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Read a unique magazine about the Atlantic Wall in the Wadden area!


In March 2021, many residents and businesses in the Wadden area received one of the 250,000 copies of a special edition Atlantic Wall magazine. The magazine (download the PDF below) tells about the many bunkers, strongholds and buildings along the Wadden coast that are part of the Atlantic Wall: the 6,000-kilometre long German defence line from Norway to Spain. Everyone knows about the beaches of Normandy, where the liberation of Western Europe began on 6 June 1944. What very few know is that the Atlantic Wall in the Wadden area was also a true front line. But the war was mainly fought in the air and at sea. You will find this and many other stories in ‘Atlantic Wall in the Wadden Area’, a special publication created to mark the completion of the Waddenfondsproject.


Although the project has officially ended, Visit Wadden, the Wadden-wide collaboration between Holland boven Amsterdam, Merk Fryslân and Marketing Groningen will continue with the marketing this year and in the years to come. In the ‘Military Heritage’ story lines, Visit Wadden will be responsible for the marketing and promotion of the Atlantic Wall in the Wadden area until 2023. They will be working closely with board members and volunteers from the core locations, Liberation Route Europe and the regional marketers to guarantee the agreed upon marketing efforts are met and the obligations are carried out.


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