Visit Ameland

In Hollum, where Hostel Sier aan Zee is now located, there was once a bunker complex that was part of the Atlantic Wall in the Wadden area. This complex consisted of various crew bunkers, ammunition bunkers and barracks. There was also anti-aircraft artillery and two radar stations with the codename RITA. There was a minefield on the eastern side of the complex to keep enemies at bay. You are now more than welcome to come and learn about Ameland during WWII.

Most of the bunkers on Ameland have disappeared. Some of them were destroyed, but on the western side of the island in particular, the bunkers disappeared under the sand. The kitchen bunker for the battery that was stationed here now houses the bunker museum.


Visit the website for more information about the museum.

The Bunker museum on Ameland is an unmanned museum located in the dunes to the west of the lighthouse in Hollum. Purchase a ticket in the ticket machine (bank card or cash) and then scan it to gain entrance to the museum.

The museum is in a former kitchen bunker. Impressive images and an amazing diorama tell personal stories from the Amelanders. You will also discover finds and there is a memorial room for those who perished in the war. When you descend the stairs leading to the underground bunker, you will find yourself in an entirely new world.


Former holiday home 'Donax' is furnished as an entrance hall to the bunker. An exposition shows recreational activities from earlier times.