Attack on Oostmahorn

The island commander wanted to try to recapture the German fortifications on Oostmahorn from the Canadians. The battery on Schiermonnikoog fired at Oostmahorn for two hours and two Canadian soldiers were killed. At the same time, there were also three ships carrying German soldiers on their way to Oostmahorn.


The Lauwerzee, a Schiermonnikoog beurtvaartschip, was forced to sail along with them. There were about 40 German soldiers on board. Hay bales protected the wheelhouse. The Lauwerzee was met with machine gun fire immediately upon arriving at Oostmahorn. The ship was able to moor and a few soldiers ran onto the dike, but the gunfire was too heavy and they were pushed back quickly. All of them were able to climb aboard again and return to the island. The wounded were brought to the field hospital immediately.


As revenge for these attacks, the Canadians fired at Schiermonnikoog from the shore, which did not cause much damage. The next day, a ship sailed with a white flag in the mast from Oostmahorn to the island with an ultimatum: the Germans must surrender or the island would be fired at again.


The ultimatum was rejected but the German commander requested that the village be spared in new firings. Islanders who lived outside of the village came to stay with families in the village. They had to build shelters and dig foxholes.


After about a  week, the situation became less dangerous and the residents from the rural areas were able to return to their homes. The first Canadians arrived on Schiermonnikoog a month later and the island was finally liberated.